The last handmade boat built in Ibiza.

Some history

Último llaut de Ibiza

A llaut is a traditional boat of the Mediterranean coast, once used for trawling and freight and today mostly used as a pleasure boat.

Originally they were sailing boats, although today most are motor powered.

These boats are known for their consistency, stability and strength in adverse weather conditions.

The llauts were handmade by carpenters, known in Ibiza as mestres d'aixa, using local wood for construction, being the pine wood the the one traditionally used in the Pitiusas Islands (local word for Baleares).

Llaut hecho a mano con madera de pino

Lunes (Monday) is the name of our ship, its construction began in 1996 after Vicent "Lluc", one of the last shipwrights on the island, accepted the challenge of building his last llaut, his masterpiece - as he said - where he meant to reflect the experience of a lifetime devoted to the difficult and tough profession of shipwright.

In order to build our boat, pines of the northern coast of the island were used, selected as dictated by the templates. After a year of drying, and after seven years of work, the summer of 2003, finally Lunes was a reality, it being Ibiza's last handmade llaut.

History in some images

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